gun violence to genitalia 

(getting my balls shot off with a rifle) ah. this sucks actually

Stage 1: Italian Does Something Embarrassing

Stage 2: Timeline Clowns On Italians

Stage 3: Italians Cancel The Timeline For Anti-Italian Racism

Stage 4: Heated Discussion On The Nature Of Italians And Race

Stage 5: I Load My Rented Ford F-700 With 4,800 Pounds Of Ammonium Nitrate And Drive It Directly Into The Pentagon

Visualiza "Bartolomé de las Casas - Changing Your Mind - Extra History" en YouTube

@Sergiovan I have seen some 3D printed violins so I guess I could...

@fox sadly not yet, been too busy with uni bullshit
But I'm gonna try again either today or tomorrow 👀

Fudged around with Wireguard today, didn't get it fully working though. Better luck tomorrow? Find out on this page, probably, maybe, who knows.

they pump the water for the city from the reservoir up the hill to its right where there’s a small clean tank for the city water main :)

❓ Poll: Have you ever had to report content in your feed to a fediverse mod?

Followup: how fast was the response time?

Boosts requested; I'm writing an article about the moderation of decentralized networks.

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Yikes DAWG

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