really thinking about deleting reddit after reading this

i don't think social media is bad per se, but i really think that _modern_ social media where millions of people get congragated into tiny rooms and are allowed to scream at each for as long as they want really isn't healthy.

i enjoy using mastodon because, although at first i thought despite, there are a handful of people here and the interactions are very... not-internetty.

i wonder if a (federated) reddit alternative could work like mastodon does, though on the other hand i do feel like reddit _requires_, in a sense, a large mass of people (more than a handful of friends) to be effective. who else is gonna aggregate all the interesting links

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@sff the whole point of the federation is to allow a large mass of ppl without a centralized server tho

@kam keyword being allow though. you can just as easily not interact with a huge mass of people


@sff yea but you can also not interact with reddit itself idg the point, if the question is whether it could work I see no reason why it couldn't

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