You know what, math? Math is pretty good. Looking forward to you. Just don't be too rough.

day... like, 3 since (I assume,) my mother gave me a collection of 3 CD's with "CUBA FIESTA TROPICAL" music
I am utterly confused, why, how, what, Huh?

tired... so tired.
I feel genuinely just, _existentially_ tired.

You got a bowl of spaghetti bolognese? PASTA BOLOGNEHSE IN GENREAL?

If you're into gaming and becoming a ghost is a thing that happens (Staying because of unfinished business and all) - you're literally never going through the veil dude.

There's just going to be more god damn games to finish.

[Interior: bathroom, dream] Me, standing next to a sink, peeling off my palm skin. Upon which I realise my palms' flesh integrity is basically non-existent and that my flesh is just flopping about barely.
Holes in my hand start to appear as my skin starts to sag, my bones slide out of my fingertips as I try to fit them back in like into an awkward very much so non-faux leather glove.

This was an interesting dream.

My uncle has this ridiculous fucking ringtone (?? Maybe a message tone, but it's too long?) which is basically a bizarre-ass rapid squeak-honking noise. I fucking _hate_ it.
He gets it so often.

note to self; facebook image links are not good for a creeping folder, they expire or whatever

this voice chat sponsored by raid shadow legends VPN

Also what the toot,
a) it's not Saturday
b) it's... not trending?

Also my phone suggested writing jonjo instead of jojo today, which is at least 37% more funny

One more person I got into jojos. Another person started reading the manga.

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