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All digital distribution region locking publishers should go bankrupt and never resurface again. Give me my byte streams, dammit, I'll even pay you

Hate it when I get pranked so hard I lose an arm.

Hate it when I go inside a tractor and end up cheating on myself with myself.

Hate it when I go inside a ball and ruin my whole family, accidentally and irrevocably.

Really hate it when my house dissolves into the sky and then I become not.

"I didn't steal it. I obtained it."
- This anime, 2020, fuck.

This one yes/no mail has me waiting by my ff tabs

Definitely buying myself a trash C shirt, and then a pair more for Grey and Kami

Is this a custom theme or something? What's with these blatant html dumps?

T - 3 days or so, shouldn't be going insane

This storm is soothing but not enough to combat this insomnia week

But in a good way, sillies. In a good way.

Feeling cute, might lose myself in the shadow web for 4.745 years and emerge converted to pastafarism later, idk

This just in: Mastodon, completely worthless. Literally unusable.

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Yikes DAWG

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