Day 13 of quarantine: day 13 of quarantine

I see this place is also closed due to quarantine, huh

2 more weeks until the doctor finally becomes adept at origami

My internal (external) sickness indicator is giving me mixed signals

Ever feel like you're a mattress made out of bees?

How subtly controversial can a post on this site get?

Send tweet.

Maybe the people walking up at 5 all have a point and I've been living my life wrong

I can't fucking believe federated not-Twitter is sponsored by

Can we cure sleep already? I have shit to do right now that's better than passing out for not enough time

It's cold, but not cold enough to matter. I want more, colder cold

I need a local tier list solution, cause all the big ones you see online have strict rules against personal templates.

Alternatively, @sff Make a tier list editor on this site already, god damn.

Gotta start collecting rectangular pictures of game titles to make a pretty tier list.

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Update: After 0 nanoseconds of searching through the preferences it turns out to just be a setting.

New query: Why doesn't this god forsaken service activate this by default, it's like the specifically copied just the weird parts of twitter.

Why doesn't this god forsaken service keep track of where I left off reading instead of making me scroll down every time.

Some recruiter has sent me the exact same mail at least 10 times in the last 3 months. Dude come on, don't you see I'm not interested?

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Yikes DAWG

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