So this is where the niche meme comes from

This local timeline is JUST ME. I'M KEEPING THIS PLACE ALIVE

The candle fight in HxH is still one of the coolest ones around

Today I have been cursed beyond recovery. I will never be the same Sergiovan again.

All digital distribution region locking publishers should go bankrupt and never resurface again. Give me my byte streams, dammit, I'll even pay you

Hate it when I get pranked so hard I lose an arm.

Hate it when I go inside a tractor and end up cheating on myself with myself.

Hate it when I go inside a ball and ruin my whole family, accidentally and irrevocably.

Really hate it when my house dissolves into the sky and then I become not.

"I didn't steal it. I obtained it."
- This anime, 2020, fuck.

This one yes/no mail has me waiting by my ff tabs

Definitely buying myself a trash C shirt, and then a pair more for Grey and Kami

Is this a custom theme or something? What's with these blatant html dumps?

T - 3 days or so, shouldn't be going insane

This storm is soothing but not enough to combat this insomnia week

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Yikes DAWG

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